Leaving the States

Leaving the States

Monday, March 30, 2015

I've Got Cabin Fever!!

  If you are anything like me, you grew up with a mother who would simply not tollerate a "I'm bored..." or "there's nothing to do.." to be uttered without a short lecture about the sin of boredom followed up quickly by a listing of ALL the fun things you could find yourself occupied by: the dishes, the laundry, window washing, dusting, and (our house's frequently heard phrase) "just go outside and get the stink blown off you!" So i suppose the idea of boredom has long since been iradicated from my conscious thought...at least the admition of boredom. I have always found something to do.

We have begun our journey back up Florida to Ft. Lauderdale once more. This half of the trip is far less exciting and in fact has been kind of depressing. The Weather is colder, the water is too choppy to be swam in, there aren't many new sights or discoveries to be made, and i find myself lack a great deal of needed motivation to continue working out while stuck onboard. This 53ft. boat seems to be getting smaller and smaller all the time and does not readily offer up obvious distractions. However, I am very thankful for our small crew's unqiue chemistry for even though we are not alway excited we are never work eachother's nerves.We laugh often, have plenty of time now for deep important conversations and seem to soak in the shared company more now that we see the end that is coming quickly. But the boredom does come knocking at times.

Remaining set on making the most of each moment on this journey i have found several things to keep me occupied. And dear old mum would be proud to know that much of it happens to be: laundry, dusting, dishes, etc.. - How ironic life has proven to be - At the present my cure is updating this regretibly neglected blog and since i have not had much in the way of adventure to report i have chosen to list some of the day-to-day of the Arctic Tern.

We are VERY fond of reading on this vessel and i would have to say it is the single thing that is most found around here. Between the three of us we have read certainly every novel and nearly every published work onboard. I myself have moved onto reading charts and guide books for countries we never even had on our itinerary. But i have loved it!! The Hobbit, Enchantment, The Time Machine, A Little Princess, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, The Picture of Dorian Grey, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Cold Water, Wild At Heart,Washed and Waiting... I'd have to report that i have done more reading this last three months than probably the last three years. But my favorite has been scripture. I know, how holy of me. Really though, i don't think that i could survive any length of a voyage without it. And reading he Bible at the breakfast table has lent way to good conversation aswell... i am glad.

The second most popular thing onboard: Eating. (Mmmm maybe this ties for first) I have learned SO much about boatlife and the cooking that goes with and have loved EVERY meal that we've come up with even on the days where ingredients are bizzare and sparce. -- If anyone ever wants tips on how to sail Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Corn Free.. Just ask me. I have loads of invented recipes and tips -- BUT, It is no secret that I have been trying to get back into shape and i frequently write and talk about my workouts, runs, health... Well let me just say, Do you have any idea how hard it is to maintain good eating habbits on this boat?! Ken and tina are both very athletic people (which is a plus for me) but they come by it naturally and have the metabolisms of a hummingbird (which is problematic for me) Ken....eats. He eats a lot and at odd hours. While Tina and i make one of our gorgeously delicious creations Captain will ofter snakc on something, after dinner we all play a game or two (Our favorites are Banana Grams, Set, Five Crowns...)and while we play there is always snacking and after the 'after-dinner snack' there is reading acompanied by some kind of snackish dessert. You get the picture. Torture for someone like me who fights to stick to a meal plan...But not impossibleafter all.

The rest of my time seems to be taken up by, practicing knots, listening to podcasts with Tina (we are obsessed), drawing random pictures (i think i am improving..?), writing (as much as i can find inspiration for), studying sail theory, designing clothes (can't escape it), cleaning, watching clouds, spending time with my Lord, missing my Church and family, and working out. That last one...has taken some creativity. below deck there isn't even enough space to do a decent push-up unless you are half in the kitchen half in the door, the only "equiptment" i have to use are some ankle weights i brought, some scuba diving weight belts, a resistance band, half a foam roller and whatever space ondeck i can utilize....it's been fun!! A challange but that's always more entertaining.

So as we are now all stuck inside for the 3rd day in a row, weeks now without a decently real shower, constantly covered with salt water and salt air, no selection of produce and 2 months since i got to have an egg, a boat that never stops rocking back and forth and creeking loudly with the wind

... i have to ask myself, is this a life i could be content to lead? If this comes with the teritory of a "pirate's life" is it worth it?

...that is the question.
I believe it is. :)

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