Leaving the States

Leaving the States

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Hello dear Friends.

I have to apologize to you. I have not kept up very well with my posts and admittedly i have been avoiding it. It is really difficult for me to writing things like, "we have a new delay", "shouldbe leaving in a day" or "change of plans". I have noticed that my pride is being more affected than i had even considered it could be. I hadn't acknowledged it to myself until yesterday but, i think i am embarrassed by our set-backs. once i realized that this was in fact a response i have been feeling i see how wrong of a response it actually is. Essentially, what that means is that i think i deserve better or more from this blessing i have been given. "What an amazing opportunity, and in such wonderful timing! Praise God!" i was saying. But now, now i am dissaticefied??? I am ashamed for being 'fair-weather' now that things arent what i expected.
Time to change my perspective!!

To catch you up, we left Miami to come back up the coast to Loggerhead Marina in Hollywood, FL and here we are getting this blasted generator fixed. We would have had Steve (our mechanic) come instal the new part yesterday but were unable to due to TORRENTIAL rains. Down pour, ALL day long. It actually turned out to be a great day -Playing cards up at the captain's lodge together, reading, watching Grease with Tina.. all in all a good time. :) SO, Steve came by today, has fixed what we belive to be the issue and now "we plan to leave tomorrow".

Yesterday we finished the day off with going out to dinner with our slip-neighbors who we just met. Get this--They also own an Amel (same exact design, different year) and are from --wait for it-- Fort Collins, CO!! What a small world right? It has been great getting to know them and discussing all things Colorado and sharing our joy about missing the cold and snow (No offense meant to all you Coloradans...sorry) Today, passing by on the dock, Joe and Tracy asked if id like to hop on and go sail the coast for the day. After checking in with Ken and Tina i extactically uncleated the sternline and jumped on board.

What a fun time! I could instantly tell we'd get on well when they started throwing Captain Ron quotes around. :) Our fourth member for the day was a Kiwi (from New Zealand) named Richard. He's a care taker of the boat just across the dock from us. Undoubtedly being the most knowledgable and experienced out of the four of us, i pelted him with questions of this and that all day long. Mostly about sail strategy and vocabulary but also about the Captain's licensing procces differences between the US and Australia/NewZealand/England. He was very helpful.

The HIGHLIGHT of my trip thus far:
Today while sailing back from the outing  with joe, tracy, and richard, we were headed into the sun with the wind in our faces. I got to climb out onto the Bow-head railing (the very very front of the boat) and sit with my legs hanging through the rungs. The waves breaking against the bow, the salty splashes hitting my toes and- what's that? dolphins?? Yes it is! 2, no 4, 5--> 6 dolphins?!  They leapt out of the foamy break just feet away from my legs and some within a foot of the boat. I dont know if i could describe a more delightful display of God's splendor than that moment of happiness. Believe me, it couldn't have been more exhilarating than if Leo DiCaprio had come up behind me and started snogging me during the sunset While My Heart Will Go On played in the background...

So, It's been a good day; A very good day.! Despite the difficulties and the lack of expectations being met, leading me to being a doubter of God's goodness and provision, He is STILL chosing to show Himself to me through beauty, blessing and patiences.
What an Awesome Creator and Savior i serve!

Have a good Sunday everyone!! I'll catch you on the flipside.

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