Leaving the States

Leaving the States

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sea fairing Men We Be!

Ahoy there!! :D

Well my friends, we are off!! We set sail early monday morning, making this our third day underway. It has been great for the most part. There are, of course, some things that take some getting used to. For example, doing ANYthing down below while heeled hard over or the boat keeps yawing.... At the begining of this trip i had to really focuss to compensate for the shifting horizon and sparatic movements to not get dizzy or fall all over the place but now i hardly even notice it at all. However, I will say that it is still hard to read or write anything, harder to sleep, and cooking is pretty much impossible during the days! Just picture this: Right now Ive got one hand holding a railing to keep from rocking side to side and my legs pressed against the wall in front of me and sitting down to keep from rocking foward and back, phone resting on my knees and one hand typing on a key board on my lap. ... yeah, a challenge Hahaha I am having fun with it though. So, i am sorry if this is more scattered of an entry than usual.

So, our first day was back to Biscayne Bay. Delicious sunny skies, fair windsand some great tanning going on. :) We got the dingy out and motored over to the shore. Great park/trails mostly. Thickly forested but well kept. We walked again (i love how much we walk together!) over to the light house. Then again in the morning we went back over and ran/ leg day for me. SO hot and swaety and gross i was worried i wouldn't have time to shower on board before we set out again so, to save time of course, i just jumped off the deck. I could really get used to this lifestyle!!

Mostly i sit up on deck listening to awesome music and keeping an eye on the sails in case they're needing any trimming. You know, REALLY tough work. I was worried after that first day that i might not actually be doing much as crew other than cleaning and galley work, but yesterday cleared that misconception right out of my mind...

To be continued..

P.s. it was brought to my attention that the verb:"snogging" used in my previous post may not be correctly understood by some americans And may in fact come across as something entirely other than what i meant to refer to.
the correct definition:
"British slang meaning, to kiss and caress amorously." So...just wanted to clear that up.

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