Leaving the States

Leaving the States

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Just begining

The thought occurs to me that I possibly have nothing worth writing about and almost certainly nothing worth blogging about (yet) but I do think this may be the best way to keep updated those of you- family, friends, random people taking interest in my life- who are wanting to be updated. So to conclude this disclaimer, i will warn you now Reader, I have never written anything like this before and i will most likely be writing the way i am thinking: Haphazardly and with little grammatic consistancy, or spelling accuracy. Here goes..

So, I have begun what I believe will be the most impotant trip of my life so far. Now, you see, traveling to new places with people i hardly know to do things i've never done before, is not actually uncharted territory for me but this endeavour is different somehow. ...I've fondly titled this blog My Maiden Voyage. I think it quite fitting for what lies ahead of me and in someways answers my mind's primary question, 'what makes this trip so important and different from others?' 

In my life i have always chraged full speed ahead into -most- everything that has interested me and consistantly have pushed the bounderies of my own comfort-zone. I am glad for all the diverse paths i,ve been able to walk -even the tremendously painful ones. It has brought me varried experiences and through it all God has taught me to have a much greater threshold for dissappointment, suffering, grace and understanding...But when it comes to finding 'purpose' i can't say that a flitting from interest to interest provided me much clarity or helped me "find myself"-the cliché we are so keenly force-fed as being the epitome of youthfull existence. In fact, it has really only adding on more and more potential routes for my life to go and fertilized my ideology of serving the deity of 'happiness' that my culture exhausted as a succesful life's result. When I think about it, I have really only sampled the feeling of true Purpose or Passion. And that was only in a few areas, not much of which was even sustainable as I was too "prone to wondering, to leave the God I love". Admittedly, i have floundered around a good deal seeking a 'calling'... MY calling. Of course, i have been growing in both knowledge and wisdom all the while, being sanctified and brought to humility and love for Christ. I havent discovered where he is taking me occupationally but even when lacking passion or direction one is still able to serve God through the 'how' and not the 'what' of vocation. As the great Melvin Oliver put it, "It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it." Though he might not have been writing about 'living for Christ through the monotony of life', i have often find comfort in the truth of that particular application. Life here is not eternal, and i don't believe that having a fulfilling job, saticefied purpose, or happy exsistance is at all a worthy life goal...Never the less, if you have been given a passion and a skill for something or some occupation, shouldn't you pursue it when possible? After all aren't these tallents and passions given by God in the first place. 

Ive grown up with an interesting, subconscious understanding that in all my fun pursuits I was sinning and that my life was not designed for enjoyment but rather for endurance and 'long suffering' through this world and it's pains and trials as I serve Christ and the kindom." ok, so, this mindset is not entirely wrong and i dont at all mean to down play this importance of glorifying God through the way we endure the suffering that comes from following Christ in this fallen world that is NOT our home, BUT what i do mean to address is how wrong i was in letting a pendulum swing so far as to believe i should not let myself enjoy things here on earth. 

I was reading Psalm 37 today and was encouraged by verse 4. "Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." This is not a "health and wealth" verse or some secret key to unlocking God's favor and blessings, no. It is however a promise, and--i believe-- an implication as well. The promise, When you find delight in Christ and desire an intimate relationship with Him, you will get it and you will be abundantly blessed through that. But what i see as an underlying implication here in that our Lord wants for us to desire(verb). There are true and good things that are 'of God' that are for us to enjoy and desire and feel passionate about. Its called Christian Hedonism and it is how i want to live my life. To glorify God and ENJOY Him forever. That doesnt mean that i will always feel the glows or seek after the highs but it does change how you live out your life. For me, it has changed how i weigh the options of my life's direction (as much as it is up to me at all). Charriots of Fire...Great Movie! In that movie Eric Liddel has what i think every Christian truely desires. A closeness with His creator via enjoying doing what he was created to do and doing it well. "I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when i run i feel His pleasure." Wow, i want to 'feel His pleasure'. Dont you?! 

Well, this has turned into a very drawn out explination for my answer to my own question- 'What does make this trip so important?' Today I want to sail. ok, this is not new information to most of you but i have to state it anyway. I do not know if this is my final destination on the "Find Your Calling" train but i do know that i have been filled with a love for sailing and a passion for the people that it has brought (and will continue to bring) me into contact with. In pursuing this dream i have felt God's pleasure and THAT is what i will continue to pursue- wherever it may take me. If i had to sum up what i believe my calling is i would say, 'People'. I've been called to show the love and salvation of Christ to the people and relationships that He brings into my life. To do that, i hope He uses sailing but who knows.. I am young enough to have the blessing of multiple possibilities for the 'what' of my life but for today, out here preparing for this voyage,  it is time to simply focuss on the 'how'.

THIS BLOG WILL BE ABOUT: the experiences that I have on this little trip and the things that God teaches me through them. I would love to have you along for the journey with me and any prayers or encouragement- or loving admonishment- that you would offer. Thanks

You may be stuck in a crumby job, be lacking in security or adventure, feel like you have nothing to offer anyone or no special skills, you may feel like seeking happiness is a "sinfull" distraction, or you could be pursuing every possible happiness and still not feel saticfied but I would challenge you, Reader, start examining in your life. Seek Truth! Are you focussing on the 'what' rather than the 'how'?Are you being lazy in your calling to "Enjoy God"? Are you living for the 'deity of happiness'? 
Try to find out -What have you been given a passion for? Where do you "feel God's pleasure?"
You have been created very specifically, with a beautifully unique story, personality and set of skills and passions. I have seen this world often take these things away from their original, pure, intended purpose and twist them into something debauched or sinful or that you feel guilty in pursuing. But,do not lose heart! You have a purpose and when you 'delight' in your true purpose (a relationship with Jesus Christ) you will be able to rejoice in the blessings of those holy 'desires'. 


  1. Brittany, you are such an inspiration to me and every person you meet! When you first started this trip I was pretty anxious and couldn't wait for you to get home, but I see how much fun you're having and I see you living out your passion, not only for sailing, but for Christ! I can't even tell you how much you mean to me and everyone in your life! Can't wait till your next post :) Love you!

    1. Hello Sarah! Thank you for the encouragement. I am so thankful for the support from tou and everyone else back home. Youre such a doll ;)

    2. Hello Sarah! Thank you for the encouragement. I am so thankful for the support from tou and everyone else back home. Youre such a doll ;)