Leaving the States

Leaving the States

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Another Delay :(

Due to unforseen troubles, our departure has yet again been post-poned. The check engine light came on --much to Tina and my dismay-- we clung to eachother, tina with fingers tightly crossed while i silently said a prayer, waiting to for boat mechanic's diagnosis--> A mucky water purifyer and some slight fault with our ectricity generator.  The water purifyer has now been sludged out and we are waiting for our back up re-build kit to come in tomorrow. "Tuesday!" the two of us said in unison with a matched tone of dismay masked by optomistic positivity.

 I can tell that stresses are starting to rise a bit as we all are ready to leave but Ken remains patiently quiet, Tina optomistic as always, peeved as she may be and i... i am detirmined to maintain consistant encouragement!
Part of me is glad for the slight delay as i am just now getting into the routine of my runs and familiar with my route and Lord knows i have been struggling with consistant work outs. However this part of me is miniscule in comparison to the part that is ready for clear water and hot sun! ...Sigh* Must be patient.

In the mean time -->READING. I am loving  Orson Scott Card's book Enchantment, per the suggestion of Bronwen Everett (Thanks Bronwen!!) I've started to read more slowly now, knowing the book will end soon and i will have to go through the sadness of losing beloved charecters :'( Am i the only one who feels this loss so deeply? Haha I doubt that i could be. Anyway, i have been assured that there will be no shortage of liturature on this voyage as there are book exchange/drop off "Libraries" at nearly every port. "take a book, leave a book" So far here i've already donated some old books (that belonged to the boat when the Duncan's bought her) and have collected Wild at heart by John Eldredge (i've heard great things about this book!) and also, Cold Water a novel by Mardi McConnochie about the strength of the bonds of sisterly love, set in Australia. 1847. Pretty sure i'm gonna ball... haha
        _-Anna, Sarah, and Ailiegh, and Elan i LOVE you girls!! ...West you too ;)-_

Well, i've got galley duty tonight so i must be off!
Thanks for checking in, hopefully some more eventful happenings will be reported soon. Good Night!

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